Thursday, October 6, 2016

Summertime Fun!

 Our visit to the 180th Fighter Wing and the new 9/11 Memorial

Rita brings in a load of fresh strawberries to Chef Maria!  Yum!
 Friends Shirley & Tordis share the morning paper.
A trip to the Toledo Botanical Gardens on a beautiful sunny day!
The puzzle table has become quite the hangout!

Above 3 photos: Maumee Memorial Day Parade....our vets Dean, John, Chuck,
John, Charles and JB!  We are so proud of them!
Our beautiful courtyard in full bloom

 Jackie with GV Staff Michelle during a commercial shoot

 Pretty ladies!  Jennie, Pat, GV Staff Deb, Rosa, Glorianne and Helen

 Folks gather in the cafe for one of Deb's activities

Bonnie grabs a photo op with GV Staff Randy

 You always know where to find JB and GV Staff the garden!

 More blooms

Crazy kitchen staff - we love them!  Chef Maria, Chef Dan,
Katelyn, Shara, Katrina and Molly

 Above 3 pics: Dick, Paul and Earl shoot some pool!

 Elaine and Rita put a puzzle together with Bryanna Lankey, age 7

A hot but fun day at the Toledo Zoo!
 GV Staff Katelyn stops for a quick hug with Dora.

 Above 4 pics: Art class with Myra...Shirley, Mary, Christine and the gang

 GV Staff Kate plays a game of Canasta with George, Earl and Millie

Our GV Bus makes frequent trips to get ice cream! Glorianne, Rita, JB and Janet

 Pretty maids all in a row at Oak Openings: Rita, Peggy, Mary, Katie and Ruth


The Toledo Air Show was a hit this summer and we can't wait to go back!

 Sir Charles with GV Staff Michelle...."twinning" in their yellow pants :-)

 Katie and Nancy stop for a quick pic

John and Char with "Miss T" (T is for Trouble!)

 Above 2 pics: Tom & Dorothy, and Dean and his daughter dance with the Swingsters

 Above 2 pics: Brad from the Laurels of Toledo works with 2 of our residents,
JB and Irene on physical therapy


A trip to the Fulton County Fair to see the Van Dells was
definitely a great time with the most perfect of weather!

Sue & Mattie enjoy some time outside

Dean tries out the new putting green!

And speaking of green....our organic garden has provided a great harvest for us this year!

And as football season approaches....we need to remind you that Genesis Village IS INDEED...A house divided!!